What is Coronary Thrombosis

What is coronary thrombosis? It is is the common cause of what is commonly known as heart attack; doctors normally called the heart attack myocardial infarction. It is known that about 33 percent of the world population will be affected by coronary artery disease, and heart disease was the leading cause of death in 2002 in the united states. Among the population less than 70 years old, about four times as many men as women suffer coronary thrombosis. Women over 70 are just as likely to be affected as men. Those who have higher risk of a heart attack are male, are overweight, eat diet that is saturated fats, and lead a stressful life with minimal exercise.

Moreover, diabetics, and other people whose families have a history of heart attack, are also prone of the disease. However, the biggest group of the risk takers is smokers; a cigarette smoker is five times likely to suffer a heart attack than nonsmoker.

What is coronary thrombosis symptoms, cause and treatment?

what is coronary thrombosis

what is coronary thrombosis

The two coronary arteries embedded in the muscular walls of the heart divert oxygen-rich blood, fresh from the lungs, to some small vessels that feed all parts of the heart muscles. It is important that these arteries remain open; even a slight narrowing may cause symptoms during times of exertion. Person at risk of coronary thrombosis have a tendency to form a fatty deposits that make the lining of the artery to be rough and narrow the central channel.

The blockage will therefore form gradually and the person may only experience some pain on exertion. This is typical of the pain of angina, and is usually is severe enough to make the victim to stop everything . the angina pain would then subsides. Although it is often frightening, it serves as a warning, marking the victim to rest long enough for blood flow to be restored to the oxygen-starved muscle before serious damage can be done, and giving time for new circulation channels to opening up for another time.

When coronary thrombosis develops at a site of narrowing artery, it may completely block the blood vessel that supply blood to the heart muscle. That part will be so severely damaged will cease to contract normally and what results, then, will be sudden and severe death. Patients experience crushing chest pain, which is sometimes also felt in the arm and jaw; they may feel breathless and sweet profusely. These symptoms to not begin when the victim is being energetic, and do not usually improve even when he or she is resting.

Coronary thrombosis treatment

Coronary thrombosis almost always requires treatment in the hospital, though patients will be allowed out of the bed for short periods within the first two weeks and will embark on a program of the graduated exercise. It is believed that once a firm scar has replaced the damage heart muscles, exercise will encourage the formation of the new channels to replace the thrombosed artery.

Obese, diabetics and pregnant should regularly go for checkup, and should be thought what is coronary thrombosis so as to follow the doctor orders and get active as soon as possible. Do a lot of exercise regularly as coronary thrombosis is less common among in individual who are fit and active, regardless of age.